What parents say about us

We believe it is very important to listen to what parents say about the service we provide at Afterschool Club.


The following was taken from a parental questionnaire survey taken in July 2016.

We asked parents to rate us from 1 to 10 and the following are the average scores.

My child thinks After School Club is: 8.6

The activities are: 8.9

The care my child is given at Afterschool Club is: 9.6

The way staff deal with behavioural issues is: 9.2

The management of Afterschool club is: 9.4

The way the Afterschool Club staff team take account of the views of children is: 9.5

The Afterschool Club seeks the views of parents/carers and takes account of their suggestions and concerns: 9.0

Value for money: 9.0

Do you feel your child is safe: 9.6

Collection procedures from school to the centre. In your opinion is the process safe & do you feel confident: 9.5

All play has an element of learning associated with it. Do you consider that the play activities available, help your child learn & consolidate their school based learning? 8.7

Would you recommend Afterschool Club to other parents? 9.6

What does your child say about the snacks we provide 8.6

Communication between staff and parents/carers 9.5

Overall I would rate the childcare provided by the Bridgemere Centre Afterschool Club 9.5

Additional comments:

“My children love the staff and the cooking, but hated the cheese popcorn!”

“The children are really happy at after school club. They love the range of activities on offer.

"I feel confident that they are very well looked after and that any issues are dealt with appropriately.”

“The whole ‘after school club’ experience is a new one for us and has been extremely positive. Thank you.”

“Karon and the team are amazing. They are all so supportive of the children and parents.”

“The boys attended their own school club, which did not offer the same level of activities, and really was still an extension of the school day. Thankfully we found you guys at Bridgemere, another wonderful club, away from the school environment – they have been very happy spending time with you there and will be sad to leave.”

Current parents are happy with the service we are providing.   
If you are looking for childcare please come along and look for yourselves.